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1-6 19:36:47 Guest_1806 -2.4%
1-6 19:34:17 fr Nevada Excellent charts from Mr.Kelly, thanks for having him on 2-segments.
1-6 19:19:24 KarenLee yw
1-6 19:19:13 Michael Thanks KarenLee.. Another good question
1-6 19:18:29 fr Nevada The 1200 on the SPX will be at the 61.8 Fibonacci - correct ?
1-6 19:16:29 KarenLee Hi Michael - Can you ask Mr. Kelly if he thinks gold can decouple from the equity markets and be in a bull market while the equities go down ? I believe gold has no counterparty risk and represents hard currency. Thank you.
1-6 19:06:06 Michael Good question... I will ask him
1-6 19:01:59 Guest_7747 .
1-6 19:01:44 fr Nevada Question for Mr. Kelly: has the final 5th Wave Up failed, and if not what would indicate failure?
1-6 18:53:07 Michael Welcome to the show
31-5 19:59:43 Michael Me too !!
31-5 19:59:29 fr Nevada great show, look forward to James Kelly tomorrow.
31-5 19:49:06 Michael Thanks Nevada
31-5 19:33:27 fr Nevada Question for Nick: will the 1290 on the SPX hold and for how long ??
31-5 19:30:28 fr Nevada great interview
31-5 18:06:54 Guest_7170 When screening for opportunities in the IPO market what matrix are you using to identify ones that will work vs ones that will not?
31-5 16:05:10 Guest_2522 Thanks, Mikael!
31-5 14:05:22 Guest_6316 Nice call Nick on TLT so far going to 130. When it gets there will that be a long term top for the bond market??
31-5 7:17:46 Michael IT problems... We are working on it.
31-5 6:46:31 Guest_2522 What's happening? Today's internet streaming didn't work and the archives are missing? Please help!
31-5 4:09:11 fr Nevada Howdy Michael, it's 9-pm Pacific time, and I don't see today's show archived. Thanks for your help.
30-5 23:25:51 Michael Thanks Doc
30-5 22:56:09 doc thank you Michael great show.
30-5 22:54:26 Guest_2057 please get Arch Crawford back on again
30-5 20:17:24 Guest_2852 For Astro gurus, check out Norm Winksi, he's been a great guest and lots of good calls in the markets.
30-5 18:29:50 Michael Thats why we archive the interviews
30-5 18:29:16 Michael Good question !!
30-5 18:28:50 Michael Welcome to the show
30-5 15:57:01 Guest_3530 ?) I have a ? to the listeners : Do you believe / know that the market turning points are able to be know ahead in advance ?
30-5 13:06:37 Michael Thanks for the request. I will let our guest know you are asking for them.
30-5 5:15:00 Guest_2522 Michael Turner is a great addition to your programming.
30-5 4:16:13 Guest_2522 Yes, Michael, please call Arch Crawford and get James Kelly back on, too.
30-5 4:02:44 Guest_6200 Hi, please could you ask some astro gurus to come on regularly - Tim Bost(what happened to him?) , Richard Nolle, Robert Hitt, etc. And J Pearl was on only once, but he was pretty good. Thanks, keep up good work!
29-5 19:59:56 Michael Thanks for Listnening
29-5 19:50:29 Michael Thanks for the questions ... I will ask Mike
29-5 19:49:09 BJ Also even though he might be a FX person, how important if at all is the 6E (euro futures) has on a 15 minute chart, a broadening bullish wedge and we have at the moment, a V spike for the most recent low from earlier today
29-5 19:48:28 BJ Michael Could you ask Mike, of what he thinks the possibility that instead of say Greece leaving the EURO and maybe Germany leaving the EURO. Instead of culling the heard by removing the weak links, but the cream is separated out? After Greece the next two dominos are Spain and Italy followed by possibly France!!
29-5 19:17:39 Michael I will call Arch and let him know you would like him on the show.
29-5 19:16:49 Michael Thanks for the input.
29-5 19:09:05 Guest_2366 good stuff...i opened a demo nadex account yesterday. currently watching the us500 spread...
29-5 19:08:37 doc when u going to have arch crawford back on the show?
29-5 18:48:46 Michael Welcome to the show
29-5 16:44:32 Guest_9630 Click on the 1190-AM banner
29-5 14:12:56 Guest_2539 Where is link to listen live online - i see mobile devices - (barely as links are orange)
25-5 20:48:08 Guest_1802 what happnd to tim bost??
25-5 20:00:10 Michael 239-594-3939
25-5 19:59:44 Michael Thanks for listening contact Norm at 239-59-3939
25-5 19:54:21 Guest_1613 Hi Michael, can you and norm drill down on what is happening next week especially on monday, tuesday. thank you
25-5 19:53:07 Guest_6689 How about comming Lunar Eclipse
25-5 19:52:17 Guest_6024 Does Norm have any thoughts on Crude Oil?
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