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19:49-- Craig Frisco: I thought Mr hill wrote a book on developing mechanical trade systems
19:50-- Michael: Thanks Craig .. We like the input
19:59-- Michael: Thanks for listening
18:18-- Michael: Welcome to the show
3:47-- Guest_2522: Dennis Kissler is great!
19:06-- Michael: Welcome to the show
19:17-- Guest_3135: Please consider posting the daily line-up somewhere on your site before the fact.
20:00-- Michael: Thanks for listening
6:46-- Guest_1649: At what price does Nick think TLT tops out at and roughly when? Thanks!
17:59-- Michael: Welcome to the show
19:29-- Guest_4939: Is Mr Turner concerned that when large number of investors/institutions aquire his system that it will lose its effectivity?
19:30-- Guest_4939: thx
19:31-- Michael: yw
19:47-- Guest_5491: Looking forward to Norm Winski's astrology forecasts.
19:48-- Michael: thx
19:56-- Guest_2171: what is going to do up or down?
19:58-- Guest_5491: Great stuff. Thx Norm and Michael.
19:59-- Guest_5770: Thank you for listening _Norm
20:01-- Guest_5770: Get Norm's current letter for free and a free lesson on Financial Astrology by calling Norm at 239-594-3939 or Skype: norm.winski
20:08-- Michael: Thanks for listening
18:45-- Michael: Welcome to the show.
19:59-- Michael: Thanks for listening
19:41-- Mark Lytle: Michael, I am wondering if your guest could address how resilient leveraged ETF's might be in a banking crisis. maybe the answer is obvious,maybe not, but this has always been a concern of mine...
19:41-- Mark Lytle: The short question is how easily they could go boom, if money markets and such get into trouble..
19:49-- Mark Lytle: I guess that might have been a rough question...not meant to embarrass anyone, i just always wondered how the leverage was created and where it came from...
19:56-- Mark Lytle: But the numbers are all cooked anyway..
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